My Brother's Destroyer (Paperback)

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If Sam Elliot played John Wick you'd still only have half of Baer Creighton.
(and it wouldn't be Sam's fault)

★★★★★ "I missed a night's sleep to finish this one."
Sherry Fox

When people lie to Baer Creighton their eyes glow red and he feels electricity on his arms. There's no such thing as a white lie. They all hurt the same.

Baer keeps a small circle with his only honest friend at the center: a pit bull named Fred. It's a simple life but the conversation is good... Until Fred disappears.

One moonlit night in October while Baer harvests apples from his dead neighbor's farm, he spots a chain of headlights departing the woods a mile off. A truck drops the tailgate at Baer's place and tosses Fred to the dirt.

Armed with moxie and a moonshiner's know-how, Baer puts his truth-detecting skills to work to discover the villain. But he tips his hand and ignites a country war against a cabal steeped in blood sport and thirsty for violence.

When the last twist unwinds you'll know you've found a new master of the dark surreal.

And when you see what justice means to a man who will neither bend nor quit ...

You haven't read a novel like this.

I promise.

Written as a standalone
Fans demanded a series...


★★★★★ "In short, I was left completely in awe."
Seattle Book Review

★★★★★ "If you enjoy stories of betrayal and vengeance with just a touch of the unreal, My Brother's Destroyer is a fantastic read, and I highly recommend it for your next book."
Manhattan Book Review

The world of Gleason is so immersive and Baer's vendetta so oddly compelling... fans of noir tales set in rural America will particularly welcome this addition to the genre.
Kirkus Reviews

I was a little apprehensive at first about the subject of dog fighting as I am a very proactive animal rights woman but it was not written in a graphic way regarding that so if that's a concern no worries. The characters come to life so you can see them, you can even smell them, both human and animal. I can't wait to read what's next from this amazing author.

Loved this book, the best part was Stinky Joe and the whoppers.

When I started reading this book - I thought - no not for me - Im from South Africa - so no familiar with this speak, but as I got into the book, Oh my I got so fond of Baer and the whole gang of hooligans it just got to me - really good read.

Love this man. This story gives me hope for the world and our ideals. We all have a set of ideals which dictate right from wrong and sometimes the "world" gets in the way, but we always seem to remember at precisely the right time. Bravo

It was a thrill from first word to last. Written with language and colloquial realism and charm such as I rarely (if ever) encountered. Loved it I am a Baer Creighton fan forever

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ISBN: 9780615938240
ISBN-10: 0615938248
Publisher: Hardgrave Enterprises
Publication Date: December 18th, 2013
Pages: 290
Language: English