The Devastation (Paperback)

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A long-poem chapbook from the author of Harlot (No Tell Books) and a 2013 NEA Fellow in Poetry. Listen to Jill Alexander Essbaum on the December '09 edition of the Poetry Magazine Podcast. Born in Bay City, Texas, poet and editor Jill Alexander Essbaum was educated at the University of Houston, the University of Texas, and the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest. Influenced by Edna St. Vincent Millay, Simon Armitage, and Sylvia Plath, Essbaum's poems bring together sex, divinity, and wordplay, blithely working with received forms and displaying a nuanced attention to rhyme and meter. Speaking to this unusual combination of themes in an interview with Eratosphere, Essbaum observed, "Why the pairing of sexual and religious expression seems wrong to our post-modern American ears, I think, is because we're all (no matter what we believe or don't) direct inheritors of a Puritan heritage that disdains human physicality ... in lieu of pursuits of the spirit alone." In a Coldfront review of Necropolis, critic Rick Marlatt noted, "Known for their remarkable mix of eroticism and religiosity, Jill Alexander Essbaum's poems vibrate with well-proportioned rhymes, unforgettable imagery and a unique realization of form.
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ISBN: 9780984192816
ISBN-10: 0984192816
Publisher: Cooper Dillon Books
Publication Date: October 1st, 2009
Pages: 34
Language: English