The Invisibles Book Two (Paperback)

The Invisibles Book Two By Grant Morrison, Steve Yeowell (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Grant Morrison, Steve Yeowell (Illustrator)
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Grant Morrison’s groundbreaking series continues here in THE INVISIBLES BOOK TWO!
Behind the curtain of everyday existence, a vast and unholy Conspiracy is at work, twisting and deforming reality to pave the way for colonization by hideous extradimensional powers. Facing this onslaught is a laughably small resistance movement scattered across space and time — a handful of subversives known as the Invisibles.
This silent guerrilla war has raged for millennia, shaping the very fabric of the universe. But now the countdown to the final battle has begun, and soon everyone will have to make their choice: crushing, soul-rending conformity, or radical, anarchic freedom?
Illustrated by a host of comics’ greatest artists, New York Times best-selling author Grant Morrison’s groundbreaking saga of spiritual engineering and psycho-cognitive hacking is collected here in THE INVISIBLES BOOK TWO.  This second volume collects THE INVISIBLES #13-25 and features art by Phil Jimenez, Jill Thompson, Paul Johnson, Tommy Lee Edwards, Steve Yeowell, Mark Buckingham and Philip Bond.

About the Author

Writer Grant Morrison is known for his innovative work on comics from the graphic novel ARKHAM ASYLUM to acclaimed runs on ANIMAL MAN and DOOM PATROL, as well as his subversive creator-owned titles such as THE INVISIBLES, SEAGUY and WE3. Grant has also written best-selling runs on JLA, SEVEN SOLDIERS OF VICTORY and NEW X-MEN and helped to reinvent the DC Universe in THE MULTIVERSITY, ALL STAR SUPERMAN, 52, BATMAN, BATMAN & ROBIN and BATMAN, INC.

Praise For…

"Excellent ... engrossing ... Morrison is a skilled word magician, seeking creativity in a cosmological dimension." --Publishers Weekly

"I suddenly realized that everything that I'm trying to say in my nonfiction work, and in some of my fiction work, had been so beautifully and so imaginatively expressed in the work of Grant Morrison." --Deepak Chopra
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ISBN: 9781401274818
ISBN-10: 1401274811
Publisher: Vertigo
Publication Date: December 5th, 2017
Pages: 352
Language: English