Raising Will: Surviving the Brilliance and Blues of ADHD (Paperback)

Raising Will: Surviving the Brilliance and Blues of ADHD By Katherine Quie Cover Image
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"This memoir is the real deal. Read it. Laugh, cry, learn, fly, and discover the superpower embedded in the condition so misleadingly and inaccurately called ADHD." --Dr. Edward Hallowell, national ADHD expert and New York Times bestselling author

Raising Will is a heartfelt, humbling memoir written by a Texan-turned-Minnesotan mother and child psychologist. Her heart breaks for Will when he is repeatedly banned from Fun Friday in first grade shortly after he is diagnosed with ADHD. The family zigzags through an obstacle course of therapy, medication side effects, tutoring, and sleepless nights, while shining a light on Will's inherent strength--blues guitar. Readers will surely recognize themselves in this story and find solace, laughter, and hope as they celebrate the surprising blessings ADHD can bring.

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ISBN: 9781634892179
ISBN-10: 1634892178
Publisher: Wise Ink
Publication Date: May 17th, 2019
Pages: 264
Language: English