Born in the Bed You Were Made: One Family's Journey from Cesarean to Home Birth (Paperback)

Born in the Bed You Were Made: One Family's Journey from Cesarean to Home Birth Cover Image
By Genevieve Schaefer Cpm (Foreword by), Cynthia Gage (Editor), Brooklyn James
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What the hell happened?

Not exactly the question one might expect from a postpartum nurse, it echoed in my mind incessantly after birth. Induction, intervention, ultimately cesarean were nothing new to me...until I was the one atop an operating room table birthing my firstborn through an incision in my uterus.

Brooklyn James grapples with her medicalized birth as she undergoes several unexpected health issues-fallout from a medically unnecessary cesarean, secondary infertility, miscarriage. While navigating the work and pleasure of new motherhood, there is also much shock, anger, and disenchantment over birth's betrayal for her to work through. James finally identifies the root of her struggle: she was not prepared for the birth she might have envisioned. So then begins her exploration of all that is and all that can be in birth. The process leads her to a long overdue conversation with her instinct and her body in an attempt to surrender to, trust in, and accept the inherent wisdom within.

Born in the Bed You Were Made is intimate and penetrating, candid and reflective. It reveals a deeper truth about how disconnected many modern women are from birth. Most of all, it is a celebration of self-discovery found in the most obscure yet obvious, most challenging yet gratifying, role as child bearer and mother.
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ISBN: 9781730811548
ISBN-10: 173081154X
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: December 6th, 2018
Pages: 276
Language: English