Untigering: Peaceful Parenting for the Deconstructing Tiger Parent (Paperback)

Untigering: Peaceful Parenting for the Deconstructing Tiger Parent By Iris Chen Cover Image
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Peaceful parenting is hard enough for the average parent. Imagine trying to do it when you have the instincts of a tiger mother.

In Untigering, Iris Chen shares her journey of leaving behind authoritarian tiger parenting to embrace a respectful, relational way of raising children. As a Chinese American mom, she draws from her experiences of living in both North America and Asia and offers insights and practices to:

  • Heal from your childhood wounds
  • Change your beliefs about yourself and your children
  • Parent through connection instead of control
  • Redefine your understanding of success
  • Navigate and challenge cultural norms

Iris calls for a radical shift from parenting that is rooted in power to one that is grounded in partnership, but she does so with humor, humility, and empathy. This book is her invitation to you to begin your own journey of transformation as a parent.

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ISBN: 9781736825402
ISBN-10: 1736825402
Publisher: Untigering Press
Publication Date: March 13th, 2021
Pages: 248
Language: English