Marching to a Different Beat: A family's journey with autism (Paperback)

Marching to a Different Beat: A family's journey with autism By Sarah Jane Ziegel Cover Image
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Winner of the 2023 Selfies Book Awards UK - Memoir/Autobiography category

Meet the Ziegel family A true story of strength and hope spanning two decades written by the mum of four autistic boys.

Sarah's twin boys were diagnosed with non verbal autism at age two. It was sink or swim time. Unable to communicate with them, she had to learn to swim with them against the tide. Her youngest two sons were also diagnosed autistic at age two.

She tells you how, with a great deal of support, she changed her four children's futures.

The boys progressed beyond all expectations of them. No longer non-verbal, they have blossomed into happy, talented young people capable of going to university


'Sarah writes lovingly and honestly. This book is refreshingly devoid of sensationalism, from accounts of near despair to tales of fun and adventure. It demonstrates why so many parents of disabled children feel continually embattled in their struggle to achieve the right kind of support. I am very grateful to have been invited into their lives through this book, and glad that their journey can now be shared among a wider readership.' Dr Virginia Bovell OBE Vice President Ambitious about Autism

My little boy boy was diagnosed last year aged 3. This book gives a brilliant insight into the hardships and emotional struggle of having a child with ASD. In reading it, I felt I had found a true friend. Most importantly, this book has given me hope. Thank you for writing this - you will probably never appreciate the difference you have made to parents like me. Charlotte Bennett - Amazon review

'This book is a superb read - sad, hopeful, inspirational, funny and - most of all - real. Yet she always saw 'yes' not 'no' for them, helped in the early years hugely by ABA teaching.' Jane McCready Director, ABA Access4All. UK-SBA Advisory Board member.

'It is FANTASTIC. This is a fabulously joyous and uplifting book which tells the story of how with a great deal of love and determination these four autistic boys are able to fulfil their potential.' Victoria Prentis MP for Banbury

'A gorgeously written gem of a book. Each page glistens with truth, laughter and beauty as Sarah bravely weaves the honest story of her family. More than a slice of life, it's the whole Ziegel cake, messy plate, crumbs and all, leaving you with nothing but admiration and celebration for a wonderful, unique family.' Alex Oates Playwright

'I am delighted to find a book which I can recommend to the families I work with as an example of parenting autistic children; the highs and lows, the joys and struggles but most importantly, the emphasis on how therapy and the right support can change a child's future.' Baruch Spiegel Consultant Behaviour Analyst and Director of Hopetree Clinic.

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