Liam, Strong as a Tree (Paperback)

Liam, Strong as a Tree Cover Image
By Meghan Behse, Liam Wilson, Leesa Ervin (Illustrator)
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Liam couldn't be happier. He's off to kindergarten, where he's going to make a million new friends and learn a billion new things Mom is worried about Liam going to school, but Liam knows he'll be fine. He has his oxygen mask and his medication for lunch and snack time. Plus, he knows he's strong as a tree.

You see, Liam has a great big tree in his backyard. Mom says trees need lots of oxygen from the air, just like his lungs. And they need food from the ground, just like his tummy. Sometimes, their tree gets sick, sicker than the other trees. That's when Mom and Liam give it special food and extra love, and it grows big and strong again.

School is everything Liam hoped it would be. And when Liam needs his oxygen mask or medication, his friends know that Liam just needs a little extra help to be strong like the others. Until one winter's day, when Liam catches a cold.

Inspired by a real boy and his first year of school while battling cystic fibrosis, read how Liam's young friends, with compassion and support, remind Liam of his own strength during the isolating time of illness.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781771803991
ISBN-10: 1771803991
Publisher: Iguana Books
Publication Date: May 5th, 2020
Pages: 24
Language: English