Zora: The Way Of He-Art (Paperback)

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Zora represents anyone searching for themselves and their higher purpose. Since each person is special and unique in their own way, they are defined by their character rather than by their appearance or learned behaviors. Zora shows us that we must look deep within ourselves to find purpose, to find the greater meaning in life: forming a connection with the creative spirit of nature and the divine forces our Creator makes available to all. In the meantime, it's crucial to stay linked to and in tune with our own nature and with Mother Nature, the birth giver, the source of all life, through the elements of water, air, fire, and earth: the inner workings of the greater spirit. Mother Nature's constant goodness is all around us, so this goodness is the way of He-Art, and we, as dwellers of planet Earth, have to be able to tune in and remain in this vibration composed of giving and sharing if we want our planet to heal and sustain itself. This goodness of the heart must be cherished and nurtured. We can not expect great things without great characters. But, if we want to have a great character, we cannot forget about the virtues and values of life and we cannot indulge in vices and immoral, unethical behaviors, which deteriorate our sole purpose and essence in life. In that way, it deteriorates the collective destiny of our planet Earth. It should be our priority to stress the importance of good character to preserve our planet and life on Earth, with our quality of character acting as a prayer that sustains life and brings forth the abundant blessings that come with the health of the mind, body, and spirit. THE WAY OF HE-ART 3 in 1: ZORA book includes the story about Zora's character, (script) play, and the workbook ZORA invites you to create a better world: "Hello everyone My name is Zora and I am a free-spirited soul who likes to spend time outside That's me, a friend of the Earth, who loves running through open fields and meadows, at home in the grass, wildflowers, river streams, seas, mossy rocks, and winding sandy paths. You can find me chasing clouds and stars while exploring nature's world of beauty under rainbows, moonbows, and the Sun and Moon, all the while befriending all the Fauna and Flora I hope that you, too, can join me " ZORA.
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ISBN: 9798683245849
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: December 1st, 2020
Pages: 186
Language: English