Thank you for considering Bookwoman as a home for your title. Please do not bring your book to the store unless requested by us. We only accept consignment requests that follow the two-step process below. Please note that we do not accept Amazon originals for consignment or events as they are in direct conflict with our values as an independent bookstore.

Please fill our the webform below.


If Bookwoman wishes to explore carrying your title, we will contact you to request that you mail or bring one physical copy of your book to the store. After reviewing the physical copy over the next month, Bookwoman will email you with a decision about consignment. Unfortunately, we cannot return books unless you provide a postage-paid return mailer. 

Please note that we are a very small store and are asked to carry about 20 books on consignment a week. If we decide not to carry your title, it is not a reflection of its value, worth or merit. Sadly, we turn down wonderful books all the time due to space constraints and other factors.

That said, we love to support authors and know about your books, and we do carry more than 10,000 items for sale.


We offer a 60/40 split on consigned items; 60% of the cover price to author, 40% of the cover price to the store.

Consignment takes place for the duration of one year. If we choose to consign your books and they do not sell within one year, they will be returned to you at your request, or donated to a nonprofit organization. It is the responsibility of the consignor to contact Bookwoman for inventory status of items and to request payment, by email. Please do not contact us more than once a month, and only contact by email.

The consigner must contact BookWoman no later than 12 months from the date of consignment. At that time, any unsold items will be returned and final settlement made, or we will continue to carry the consigned item. If we do not hear from you and more than 12 months have passed without sales of your book, BookWoman will donate them. 

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