In the Beginning: A Poetry Reading with Susan J. Rogers

In the Beginning: an Egg, a Mask, a Woman is a collection of poetry by Susan J. Rogers. The three sections of the book, “Tara Poems,” “Songs of Ama-terasu,” and “Ways of God/dess,” all begin with illustrations by Luisa-Maria Potter. Many of these poems retell mythic stories from cultures around the world. Others are rewritten versions of personal history that include the goddess as protector. Goddesses include the ancient European Bird Woman, Tara, Ama-terasu, Uzume, and Cardea. Several of these poems have been published in Blue Hole: A Magazine of the Georgetown Poetry Festival, The Enigmatist and other publications. In addition, some were featured on the Texas Nafas show on the public cable television station in Austin, Texas, where the author was interviewed about her poetry. Some of these poems first appeared as lyrics to songs composed by the author and have been previously recorded.  This book includes the "Tara Poems," which are known around Austin for the poet's passion for the Tibetan Goddess of Wisdom, Compassion, and Power.  This is the same Tara as the monthly Tara Dance gatherings at Palri Pema Od Ling, Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Center in Austin, Tara Tuesdays at Bookwoman, and the monthly Georgetown Tara Circle at San Gabriel UU Fellowship in Georgetown (hosted by the author).

Event date: 
Sunday, November 4, 2018 - 3:30pm to 5:00pm
Event address: 
5501 North Lamar #A-105
Austin, TX 78751