Dr. Elisabeth Sheff- Stories from the Polucule: Real Life in Polyamorous Families Reading & Discussion: Nov 23

Welcome to the polycule: the network created by the interconnections of polyamorous relationships. Just like the molecules that make up all living things, polycules come in diverse forms: large, small, tightly bound, loosely connected, static, ever-changing. How do polycules form, what do they look like, how do they transform through time, and how do they, sometimes, end? The first of its kind, this anthology brings together stories, poems, drawings and essays created by real people living in polycules. Children describe life with more than two parents; adults share what it s like to parent with more than one partner. We hear from triads, solos, people who have felt polyamorous their entire lives, and people exploring poly for the first time. Some whimsical, some hilarious, some heartbreaking, some mundane, some life-changing all pieces reflect the diverse reality of polyamorous families.

Dr. Elisabeth “Eli” Sheff is the foremost academic expert on polyamory in the US, and the worldwide expert on polyamorous families with children. 

Sheff’s first book, The Polyamorists Next Door: Inside Multiple-Partner Families and Relationships (2014), details her 15-year study of poly families with kids and was just reprinted in paperback, and her second book, Stories from the Polycule: Real Life in Polyamorous Families (2015), is an edited anthology of writings by poly folks. 

An expert witness and Guardian Ad Litem with a background in academic sociology, Dr. Sheff specializes in gender and sexual minority families, kink/BDSM, and issues facing trans* people. She is the CEO and Director of Legal Services at the Sheff Consulting Group, a think-tank of experts specializing in unconventional and underserved populations. 

Dr. Eli has spoken at DragonCon, Frolicon, Atlanta Poly Weekend, Poly Living in Denver and Philadelphia, Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit, and many academic conferences like the American Psychiatric Association and the American Sociological Association.

You can find her blog on Psychology Today at http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-polyamorists-next-door.

Event date: 
Monday, November 23, 2015 - 7:00pm to 8:45pm
Event address: 
5501 North Lamar #A-105
Austin, TX 78751