Fierce Visionaries -- featuring award-winning poets Susan Wood, Robin Davidson, Sasha West, and Carol Denson: July 14

Join us for an evening of hauntingly luminous and compelling poetry. These four poets bring light out of darkness as if by truly seeing what is in front of us, we might be able to save it.

“Sometimes your car breaks down in front of a gas station, and sometimes it doesn’t. Susan Wood works the lonely stretch of road that connects these two possibilities. It seems as though it’s always night in these beautiful, haunting poems, but Wood lights the landscape with her vision, her intelligence, and the fierceness of her love for everything human.” -- David Kirby

Robin Davidson's work is deeply engendered, and she writes of ordinary women--rooted in earth, reaching for light--caught between personal, social, and historical forces. She is a learned poet--her verse rings with the work of photographers, painters, and other poets--who understands the work of poetry to bring light of darkness and music out of silence. She is a poet of harsh luminosity, spiritual alertness, who has been growing into the fully realized artist she was always meant to become. -- Edward Hirsch

“Sasha West offers us a book that is utterly unprecedented, visionary, disturbing, beautiful, compelling -- here we are being offered a chance to actually occupy this moment that we find ourselves in, what we used to call the future. Here it is.” -- Nick Flynn

The poem’s in Carol Denson’s “Across the Antique Surface” live in the tension between connectedness and separateness, struggling to arrive at a world that “isn’t order or chaos, but splendor, / broken, ordinary, rare.” These are beautiful poems, alive to the things of this world, both natural and man made—mushrooms and scissors, nandina berries and dominos—poems wise enough “to say this motion of despair is play.” - Susan Wood

Event date: 
Tuesday, July 14, 2015 - 7:00pm to 8:45pm
Event address: 
5501 North Lamar #A-105
Austin, TX 78751