Getting to Know the Goddess: The Divine Pandrogyne

A Program in BookWoman's monthly "Getting to Know the Goddess" Series
Featuring Shannon Gill-Jones and Russ von Ohlhausen
Facilitated by Linda Webster

The Divine Pandrogyne: Merging the Sexual Energy Within

What does the future hold for human sexuality? What can we learn from the ancient knowledge and secret teachings? In this short talk, we will explore the deeper cosmic mystery of duality, polarity, and ultimate unity. Society is shaped by subconscious energies that both separate us and magnetize us to push us forward towards our own evolutionary purposes. The darkness will always seek the light, and the light will never know itself without the shadow. As for our part in human consciousness, we can take lessons from the ancient sacred temples and occult knowledge of the masculine & feminine, of gods & goddesses, of heavens & hells, and how this affects us as individuals and as a collective in this "shift of the ages."

Shannon Gill-Jones is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Jungian Counselor and agent of personal and collective transformation. With a background in Buddhist psychology, dance therapy, various modalities of soul-work and indigenous ceremonial arts, Shannon facilitates transformative personal and group experiences utilizing the integration of the wisdom of the cosmos, embodiment practices, sacred ceremony and ritual. Shannon has a private practice, teaches, hosts retreats, and also serves as the President of the Astrological Society. She is the creator of “Rhythm Sanctuary” Ecstatic Dance in Boulder, CO, and seeded dances in Denver and Austin. Currently in partnership with Russell von Ohlhausen, they have created “Illumination,” an extension of Rhythm Sanctuary; nonprofit The Shift Foundation; ASTRAM-Astrologer’s Alliance; and together they operate Lotus Bend Sanctuary, a spiritual day retreat center in Austin, TX.

Russ von Ohlhausen is a research astrologer and conscious catalyzer. Having lived briefly in Tibet, his work echos a spiritual overtone synthesized with the lifetime study of science, religion, myth, metaphysics, and -- most importantly -- nature. He is Chair of the Astrological Society of Austin. His work on Celestia Mathematica & The Fibonacci Zodiac is currently being taught as a foundational theory of astrological mechanics. Russ works with the concept of celestial embodiment through “head, heart & hands,” rooted in sacred dance & ceremony. He is the creator of Zodiac Faces: Planetary Physiognomy, The Holy Myth, Zodiac Image Project, & the ARC-Research Database Initiative. Additionally, he is the co-creator of Rhythm Sanctuary-ED3 and ASTRAM-Astrologer’s Alliance with partner Shannon Gill.

Event date: 
Thursday, November 15, 2018 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Event address: 
5501 North Lamar #A-105
Austin, TX 78751