Getting to Know the Goddess, Getting to Know Ourselves

A Program in BookWoman’s monthly “Getting to Know the Goddess” Series

We can get to know the Goddess through Her stories, images and symbols from all over the world. We know her through our own experiences and through our devotions to Her. We know Her from writings by women, especially a growing number of writings since the 1970s. In this program, we will focus on the Goddess as She is reflected through our own developmental life stages: as Maiden, Mother, and Crone, with the additional stage of Queen of Myself, described by Donna Henes. In addition, we will reflect on Cherry Gilchrist’s nine archetypes of the Goddess as Dancer and Weaver, Earth Mother and Birth Giver, Lady of Light and Dark, Queen of Beauty, the Just Mother, and Lady of the Hearth. How might we find the spark of these sacred energies within ourselves? We will also remember Shekhinah Mountainwater, musician, author, and a key figure in the Goddess movement, who died in 2007.

Linda Webster is a long-time member of the First Unitarian Universalist Women’s Spirituality Group, facilitating women’s circles, rites of passage, and rituals for pagan holidays. She is also a labyrinth facilitator and the convener of the Getting to Know the Goddess Series at BookWoman. Linda has been getting to know the Goddess since the 1970s, and her journey with the Goddess continues.

Event date: 
Tuesday, March 19, 2019 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Event address: 
5501 North Lamar #A-105
Austin, TX 78751