Getting to Know The Goddess Series: Chakra Exploration

A Program in BookWoman’s monthly “Getting to Know the Goddess” Series

Chakra Exploration with Bellyyoga Movement  with Z-Helene

The seven major chakras are powerful antennae, permeating the body, constantly receiving and transmitting energy.  These energy centers radiate like multidimensional balls that work best when balanced.   They are a dynamic connection between our physical, etheric, and spiritual bodies.  Each chakra relates to different aspects of our lives.  For example, the first chakra/Root Chakra deals with our support, stability,  material realm, and health.  The second chakra/Sacral Chakra deals with our raw emotions, ability to give and receive, sweetness, procreation.

Z-Helene will explore the meanings and energies of the chakras.  She will use her skills as a belly dance and yoga instructor to share her Bellyyoga hybrid movement style.  This evening will be part lecture and part actively moving, so wear something comfortable to move in.

Z-Helene has been a Middle Eastern Dance and Yoga instructor for Austin Community College for 32 years. She also teaches movement class series out of her Home Studio in Northeast Austin.  She is a priestess of the Tejas Web tradition and has been a practicing massage therapist since 1983.

 Facilitated by Linda Webster, the convener of the Getting to Know the Goddess Series at BookWoman.  Linda facilitates women’s circles and labyrinth walks. She has been getting to know the Goddess since the 1970s, and her journey with the Goddess continues.



Event date: 
Tuesday, March 10, 2020 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Event address: 
5501 North Lamar #A-105
Austin, TX 78751