Reading & Signing Women of Fire: Women Loving Women in Latin America

Join us for a Reading & Signing + Q&A
Words of Fire! Women Loving Women in Latin America
with author Antonia Amprino and translator Katie Gray

In this impressive book Antonia Amprino breaks the silence on women loving women in Latin America. In cultures where religion and patriarchy reign romantic bonds between women are proscribed and driven underground. While these relationships have been invisible in the historical record, they have not gone unnoticed. Traveling across Latin America, Amprino unearths these treasures of subaltern love and takes us into the lives and hearts of women who, in their search for true love, also discover themselves, new clarity of life's purpose and wisdom lasting through the ages. Journey with Amprino and discover this hidden world of women whose devotion, faith and determination has sustained them to live the love that dares not speak its name.

Book Tour

Ms. Antonia will visit the US and educate American audiences about the lives of Latin American bisexual and lesbian women and how they form and maintain close romantic bonds in a patriarchal machismo culture. Her tour will include an appearances at Bookwoman in Austin where she will read from the women’s testimonies in her book and present a vivid picture of their struggle to love against all odds. With Ms. Amprino a new chapter in LGBT history will be told by discussing the fierce strength of these women and learning how similar our lives are despite the distances between countries and continent. 

About the author and translator

Antonia Amprino was born in a province of the interior of Argentina. As a young women she moved to Rosario to finish her studies and then began college. Since she was a young girl she always listened to the radio and reading a lot. She believed in the power of words to create and build or destroy realities. For the book Mujeres al Borde de una Palabra she began conducting interviews in 2008. By November 2010 the book was published and she gave a presentation of it in Rosario. She gave a second presentation in Buenos Aires in 2011. Two years after the first presentation a national paper published an article about the book. At the same time Antonia began to embark on a second profession, this time in Ontological Coaching, which affirmed her ideas about the power of words. Considering herself an insatiable searcher she began a spiritual journey through the Ayni project, which tries to spread the values of the Andes tradition. And that is how she arrived to shamanism with Marcela Lobos and Alberto Villoldo.

Katie Marguerite Gray is the translator of the book Mujeres al Borde de una Palabra from Castellano to the English title Words of Fire! Women Loving Women in Latin America. The English title will be published in October 2016 by Transgress Press. Katie is a graduate of Tulane University and currently a teacher of Adult Education in the subjects of math and ESL. She currently resides in New Orleans. She is the owner of the translation company Bridge the Gap Translations, specializing in business translations from Spanish and Portuguese to English. She writes weekly articles about LGBT topics and serves as editor for the online publisher The Odyssey Online. Katie has been active in the academic and LGBT communities in New Orleans since 2009. She is an avid traveler and lover of languages. Desiring to help other women understand their sexualities and hear from women like themselves, she hopes that bringing Antonia’s research study to the US will do just that.

Event date: 
Saturday, November 12, 2016 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm
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5501 North Lamar #A-105
Austin, TX 78751