Readings from Pastelgram no. 6: Woman on the Edge of Time: Sept. 25

A series of readings from Pastelegram no. 6, "Women on the Edge of Time," co-edited by Los Angeles-based artist Megan Whitmarsh.The issue collages voices from the past, present and future through fiction, essays, images, interviews and worksheets. It is in two parts: 1. A thirty-page newsletter; 2. A fabric version of the newsletter, which distills the contents of the printed multiple. It encourages readers to gather together, slow down and magnify reading through an interactive communal experience. The conversations that occur through the magazine’s text can expand to move between readers. 

At BookWoman, Whitmarsh and Pastelegram editor Ariel Evans will read, any one else who chooses to may bring their own favorite text from women's history to read. Any questions about the creation of "Women on the Edge of Time" may be asked, and they will be answered.

Pastelegram is a non-profit arts organization based in Austin, Texas. Its form is inspired by the history of feminist
self-publishing and seeks to consider the possibilities of a women's collective voice that spans generations.

Event date: 
Sunday, September 25, 2016 - 4:00pm to 6:00pm
Event address: 
5501 North Lamar #A-105
Austin, TX 78751