Unfuck Your Brain with Dr. Faith Harper

Dr. Faith Harper is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Board Supervisor in the State of Texas, with postdoctoral certifications in Nutrition (ACN) and Sexology (ACS). She is the bestselling author of UNFUCK YOUR BRAIN, as well as a continuing series of books on various topics within mental health, from Microcosm Publishing. Dr. Harper presented at the TedX conference in San Antonio in 2013 on the topic of "Shame, Sex, and Silence." A (mostly) complete record of her work can be found at theintimacydr.com.


"Given the copious profanity throughout, conservative-minded readers may hesitate before adding this to their collections. For everyone else, Harper’s thoughtful, well-reasoned lessons, told with spirited panache, will offer fresh perspective on how to overcome common hindrances to intimacy."

-Publishers Weekly review of UNFUCK YOUR INTIMACY


"Dr. Faith Harper has done it again. Using the foulest of language, Faith has written a book that explains anger, gives you tools to turn down the volume on anger AND presents it in a way where you can actually read the whole f*cking book (because it isn’t boring, constipated and dry like most academic tomes)."

-Dr. John Schinnerer, The Evolved Caveman Podcast, advisor to Pixar's INSIDE OUT, quote regarding UNFUCK YOUR ANGER


"For every chapter and subsection of this book, I thought of a new handful of friends and family who I wanted to share it with. It is many resources in one. Beyond establishing trauma as a key element in forming behavioral patterns, it covers dynamics of anxiety, PTSD, depression, grief, anger, addiction and more; it is thorough. I found myself simultaneously wanting to share it with a partner who I thought could benefit from certain sections, while wanting them to read other sections to better understand things I go through."

-Mental Health Association of Portland, review of UNFUCK YOUR BRAIN

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Unfuck Your Brain: Using Science to Get Over Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Freak-Outs, and Triggers Cover Image
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Published: Microcosm Publishing - November 7th, 2017