How to Support Us!

Here are some ways you can support your local feminist bookstore during social distancing:

Donating on our website!
We have recently added a donation button to our website. This will help keep BookWoman open and to help pay staff that are coming in to complete your orders.

Ordering books online and paying over phone/ on square/ on our website.
We thank all of you that are still buying from us and want to keep everyone safe.

Calling in book orders and doing curbside pick up and paying over the phone or with square.
Need some books today? The BookWoman staff will be your personal shopper, help you pick out books, and have them ready when you drive up to the store! Just give us a call to let us know when you're here.

Purchasing audiobooks through
Sign up online and choose BookWoman as your local bookstore.

Tag, share, and comment on our posts.
We appreciate the community we have here, and would love to grow it especially during this time. Your tags, shares, and comments really do matter and brighten our day.

During social distancing we encourage everyone to use our online store and to pay over phone or on our website!

The BookWoman staff will continue to support our community and help spread a little cheer during this difficult time. We know that we will get through this better than ever and it's all thanks to you. Stay home, read (or listen to) a book, color, do puzzles and focus on keeping you and everyone in our community safe.